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A Time Projection Chamber with GEM-Based Readout

Collaboration, The LCTPC; Attié, David; Behnke, Ties; Bellerive, Alain; Bezshyyko, Oleg; Bhattacharya, Deb Sankar; Bhattacharya, Purba; Bhattacharya, Sudeb; Caiazza, Stefano; Colas, Paul; ...
Open Access English
  • Published: 04 Apr 2016
  • Country: Germany
For the International Large Detector concept at the planned International Linear Collider, the use of time projection chambers (TPC) with micro-pattern gas detector readout as the main tracking detector is investigated. In this paper, results from a prototype TPC, placed in a 1 T solenoidal field and read out with three independent GEM-based readout modules, are reported. The TPC was exposed to a 6 GeV electron beam at the DESY II synchrotron. The efficiency for reconstructing hits, the measurement of the drift velocity, the space point resolution and the control of field inhomogeneities are presented.
arXiv: Physics::Instrumentation and DetectorsHigh Energy Physics::ExperimentPhysics::Accelerator Physics
free text keywords: Physics - Instrumentation and Detectors, High Energy Physics - Experiment
Funded by
Advanced European Infrastructures for Detectors at Accelerators
  • Funder: European Commission (EC)
  • Project Code: 262025
  • Funding stream: FP7 | SP4 | INFRA
NSF| Collaborative Research: University Program of Detector Research for the ILD Detector Concept at the ILC (T-TPC)
  • Funder: National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • Project Code: 0935316
  • Funding stream: Directorate for Mathematical & Physical Sciences | Division of Physics
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