Two-dimensional epitaxial superconductor-semiconductor heterostructures: A platform for topological superconducting networks

Article, Preprint English OPEN
Shabani, J.; Kjaergaard, M.; Suominen, H. J.; Kim, Younghyun; Nichele, F.; Pakrouski, K.; Stankevic, T.; Lutchyn, R. M.; Krogstrup, P.; Feidenhans'l, R.; Kraemer, S.; Nayak, C.; Troyer, M.; Marcus, C. M.; Palmstrøm, C. J.;

Progress in the emergent field of topological superconductivity relies on synthesis of new material combinations, combining superconductivity, low density, and spin-orbit coupling (SOC). For example, theory [1-4] indicates that the interface between a one-dimensional (1... View more
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