Deletions Involving Long-Range Conserved Nongenic Sequences Upstream and Downstream of FOXL2 as a Novel Disease-Causing Mechanism in Blepharophimosis Syndrome

Article, Other literature type English OPEN
Beysen, D.; Raes, J.; Leroy, B.P.; Lucassen, A.; Yates, J.R.W.; Clayton-Smith, J.; Ilyina, H.; Brooks, S. Sklower; Christin-Maitre, S.; Fellous, M.; Fryns, J.P.; Kim, J.R.; Lapunzina, P.; Lemyre, E.; Meire, F.; Messiaen, L.M.; Oley, C.; Splitt, M.; Thomson, J.; Peer, Y. Van de; Veitia, R.A.; De Paepe, A.; De Baere, E.;

The expression of a gene requires not only a normal coding sequence but also intact regulatory regions, which can be located at large distances from the target genes, as demonstrated for an increasing number of developmental genes. In previous mutation studies of the ro... View more
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