Measuring Agglomeration Forces in a Financial Center

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Patrice Pieretti; Arnaud Bourgain;
  • Journal: Economics Bulletin, volume 18, issue 3, pages 1-9
  • Subject: Financial cluster | : Domaines particuliers de l'économie (santé, travail, transport…) [B16] [Sciences économiques & de gestion] | external economies | : Special economic topics (health, labor, transportation…) [B16] [Business & economic sciences] | Luxembourg financial center
    • jel: jel:L8 | jel:R1

Basing on Scitovsky's (1954) definition of external economies and applying the method of Caballero and Lyons (1990) to macro data of Luxembourg services industry, we find significant agglomeration forces between financial intermediaries (downstream industry) on the one ... View more
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