Profit-driven and demand-driven investment growth and fluctuations in different accumulation regimes

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Dosi, Giovanni; Sodini, Mauro; Virgillito, Maria Enrica;
  • Publisher: Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Laboratory of Economics and Management (LEM) Pisa
  • Subject: Chaos Theory | E11 | E32 | E12 | Endogenous Growth, Business Cycles, Investment, Aggregate Demand, Complex Systems, Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos Theory | Investment | E17 | Business Cycles | Complex Systems | Endogenous Growth | Aggregate Demand | Nonlinear Dynamics
    • ddc: ddc:330

The main task of this work is to develope a model able to encompass, at the same time, Keynesian, demand-driven, and Marxian, profit-driven determinants of fluctuations. Our starting point is the Goodwin's model (1967), rephrased in discrete time and extended by means o... View more
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