Effects of Notch Introduction on 3-Point Bending Cutting Characteristics of Frozen Fish

Article Japanese OPEN
Hagura, Yoshio ; Suzuki, Kanichi (2002)
  • Publisher: 日本食品科学工学会
  • Journal: 日本食品科学工学会誌, volume 49, issue 4, pages 267-271 (issn: 1341-027X)
  • Subject: 590

We have proposed a freeze cutting method in which a three point bending load is applied on a frozen fish body to cut in round slices. Lowering the three-point bending load can facilitate the freeze cutting processing. Based on the idea that a notch in the fish body may lower the cutting load, the effect of introducing a notch was examined with respect to cutting stress and smoothness of cut surface in model fish meat and in saury. It was found that the introduced notch effectively lowered the cutting stress in both the model fish and saury, and that the smoothness of cut surface was improved. This study also showed the possibility that a sharper notch could attain lower cutting stress.
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