Violent Conflict and Gender Inequality: An Overview

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Mayra Buvinic; Monica Das Gupta; Ursula Casabonne; Philip Verwimp;
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press on behalf of the World Bank
  • Journal: volume 28, issue 1 2, pages 110-138
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1093/wbro/lks011
  • Subject: Health Monitoring&Evaluation,Population Policies,Post Conflict Reconstruction,Gender and Development,Gender and Health | sexual violence | refugees | injuries | infectious diseases | aged | mental | families | health outcomes | rape | health services | migration | mortality | social services | older people | Economie | morbidity | workers | health care | victims | vaccination | violence

Violent conflict, a pervasive feature of the recent global landscape, has lasting impacts on human capital, and these impacts are seldom gender neutral. Death and destruction alter the structure and dynamics of households, including their demographic profiles and tradit... View more
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