Predicting decadal trends and transient responses of radiocarbon storage and fluxes in a temperate forest soil

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Sierra, C.; Trumbore, S.; Davidson, E.; Frey, S.; Savage, K.; Hopkins, F.;
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  • Subject: complexity | temperate forest | soil carbon | QH540-549.5 | QE1-996.5 | United States | decomposition | soil organic matter | QH501-531 | Geology | temperate environment | Life | carbon flux | Ecology | decadal variation | Massachusetts | soil temperature | carbon dioxide | litter | nitrogen | Harvard Forest | forest ecosystem | radiocarbon dating | global change | Physical Sciences and Mathematics | forest soil
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Representing the response of soil carbon dynamics to global environmental change requires the incorporation of multiple tools in the development of predictive models. An important tool to construct and test models is the incorporation of bomb rad... View more
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