Public Transport Route Finding using a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm

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Liviu Adrian COTFAS; Andreea DIOSTEANU;
  • Publisher: Inforec Association
  • Journal: Informatica Economica, volume 15, issue 1, pages 62-68 (issn: 1453-1305, eissn: 1842-8088)
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  • Subject: Computer engineering. Computer hardware | Hybrid Genetic Algorithm | Route Finding | Evolutionary Algorithms | Z | Route Finding, Evolutionary Algorithms, Hybrid Genetic Algorithm | TK7885-7895 | Bibliography. Library science. Information resources

In this paper we present a public transport route finding solution based on a hybrid genetic algorithm. The algorithm uses two heuristics that take into consideration the number of trans-fers and the remaining distance to the destination station in order to improve the ... View more
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