Light Converting Inorganic Phosphors for White Light-Emitting Diodes

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Chiao-Wen Yeh; Ru-Shi Liu; Chun-Che Lin; Lei Chen;
  • Publisher: Molecular Diversity Preservation International
  • Journal: Materials, volume 3, issue 3, pages 2,172-2,195 (issn: 1996-1944, eissn: 1996-1944)
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.3390/ma3032172, pmc: PMC5445896
  • Subject: QC120-168.85 | thermal stability | Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General) | phosphors | Technology | TA1-2040 | T | Review | Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering | TK1-9971 | luminescence efficiency | Microscopy | light-emitting diode (LED) | color rendering index (Ra) | QH201-278.5 | Descriptive and experimental mechanics

White light-emitting diodes (WLEDs) have matched the emission efficiency of florescent lights and will rapidly spread as light source for homes and offices in the next 5 to 10 years. WLEDs provide a light element having a semiconductor light emitting layer (blue or near... View more
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