Social advertising, the standpoint of its customers and sponsors: searching of comercial avail or manifestation of social responsability?

Master thesis Lithuanian OPEN
Politaitė, Edita (2006)
  • Publisher: Institutional Repository of Vilnius University
  • Subject: Socialinių akcijų rėmimo tikslai Lietuvos verslo kompanijose | Socialinė reklama | Reklama | Socialinis marketingas | Socialinė verslo atsakomybė | Socialinių programų nauda verslui

SOCIAL ADVERTISING, THE STANDPOINT OF ITS CUSTOMERS AND SPONSORS: SEARCHING OF COMERCIAL AVAIL OR MANIFESTATION OF SOCIAL RESPONSABILITY?” The subject of this work is relevant because social advertising is conditionally new expression in the postsovietical space, and that is why it is important to analyse it. The subject is also relevant because it is gainful for the bussiness organisations to sponsor the social advertising and social actions though this reason is not always made public. The importance of social responsibility is also relevant to the business in today’s world. The sponsorship of social actions is one of the instruments, which are used in social responsibility. The relevance of the subject shows up in trying to examine the Lithuanian companies, if they only declare their social responsibility or if they are socially responsible indeed. The purpose of this work is to realize the essence of social advertising, its value and to understand the reasons, which stimulate the Lithuanian private business companies to sponsor, to indent the social advertising or social actions and to behave socially responsible. The main goals of this work are: to inspect the expression of social advertising, using comparative, historical methods; to understand the sence and influence to the society of social marketing; to value the importance of social responsibility in the strategic policy of the organisation; to analyse the research material, trying to explore what kind of reasons stimulate the Lithuanian business organisations to behave socially responsible and to sponsor the social actions and social advertising. The object of this work is social advertising and the purposes of the sponsorship. Being more specific, in this work it is being analysed the purposes of sponsorship of social advertising and social actions as one of the instruments of the socially responsible business. The first part of work is about the origin, history, characteristics of social advertising and the differences from the ordinary advertising. In this part it is discused the aim, purpose, characteristics of advertising and its influence to the today’s world, trying to to segregate clearly from the social advertising. Social advertising, social actions are the instruments of social marketing, that is why it is important to understand the essence, principles of social marketing and its differences from the comercial marketing. The second part of this work deals with the social responsibility of business and the search of motives of the companies which forces to integrate the social programs into the strategic policy of the company. The third part of thjis work is the analyses of the research “The purposes of the sponsorship of social advertising and social actions of the Lithuanian business companies”. Using the anlyses of the interviews and the historical and comparative methods, it was made the inference that the social advertising is a way of presentation of the information that includes in itself the idea, which is socially significant, or that tries to center the view of the society to certain problem, and uses the methods of advertising. While analysing the teorical and practical material, it has become clear that the social responsibility of business is a very important component of a strategių policy of the company. The social responsible company strengthens the companies reputation as a loyal member of society. Analysing the research material, it could be said that th sponsorship of social actions is very valuable for the reputation and the image of the company and it sometimes helps the company to compete in the market. Almost for all the companies which participated in the research the main achievement from the social actions were the publicity in the media, the improvement of the image and reputation, better public relations and in prospect the economic benefit.
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