Market structure, financial intermediation and riskiness of banks:Evidence from Asia Pacific

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Soedarmono , Wahyoe; Tarazi , Amine;
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  • Subject: Asia Pacific | [ SHS.ECO ] Humanities and Social Sciences/Economies and finances | JEL : G - Financial Economics/G.G2 - Financial Institutions and Services/G.G2.G28 - Government Policy and Regulation | market discipline | Bank competition,loan growth,risk,market discipline,Asia Pacific | risk | JEL : G - Financial Economics/G.G2 - Financial Institutions and Services/G.G2.G21 - Banks • Depository Institutions • Micro Finance Institutions • Mortgages | Bank competition | loan growth
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From a sample of commercial banks in Asia Pacific over the 1994-2009 period, this study highlights that banks in less competitive markets exhibit lower loan growth and higher instability. Such instability is further followed by a decline in deposit growth, suggesting th... View more
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