A chromosomal analysis of four species of Chilean Chrysomelinae (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)

Article OPEN
Petitpierre, Eduard ; Elgueta, Mario (2012)
  • Publisher: Pensoft Publishers
  • Journal: volume 6, issue 4, pages 335-340 (issn: 1993-0771, eissn: 1993-078X)
  • Related identifiers: pmc: PMC3834574, doi: 10.3897/compcytogen.v6i4.3519
  • Subject: QH426-470 | Chrysomelidae | Genetics | Coleoptera | karyotypes | cytotaxonomy | Chrysomelinae | Article

Abstract Four species of Chilean leaf beetles in the subfamily Chrysomelinae have been cytogenetically analyzed, Blaptea elguetai Petitpierre, 2011, Henicotherus porteri Bréthes, 1929 and Jolivetia obscura (Philippi, 1864) show 2n = 28 chromosomes and a 13 + Xyp male meioformula, and Pataya nitida (Philippi, 1864) has the highest number of 2n = 38 chromosomes. The karyotype of Henicotherus porteri is made of mostly small meta/submetacentric chromosomes, and that of Jolivetia obscura displays striking procentric blocks of heterochromatin at pachytene autosomic bivalents using conventional staining. These findings are discussed in relation to previous cytogenetic data and current taxonomy of the subfamily.
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