Identifying future research directions for biodiversity, ecosystem services and sustainability : perspectives from early-career researchers.

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Hossain, Md Sarwar; Pogue, Sarah J.; Trenchard, Liz; Van Oudenhoven, Alexander P. E.; Washbourne, Carla-Leanne; Muiruri, Evalyne W.; Tomczyk, Aleksandra M.; García-Llorente, Marina; Hale, Rachel; Hevia, Violeta; Adams, Tom; Tavallali, Leila; De Bell, Siân; Pye, Marian; Resende, Fernando;

We aimed to identify priority research questions in the field of biodiversity, ecosystem services and sustainability (BESS), based on a workshop held during the NRG BESS Conference for Early Career Researchers on BESS, and to compare these to existing horizon scanning e... View more
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