Stabilité monétaire dans l'Egypte ottomane du XVIe siècle et commerce de l'or en poudre à partir du Bilâd al-Takrûr

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Tuchscherer, Michel;
  • Publisher: Dar al-Afaq al-'arabiyya
  • Subject: Ottoman Egypt | 16th century | or | 16e siècle | gold and silver coins | argent | Bilad Takrur | [SHS.HIST]Humanities and Social Sciences/History | monnaies | Egypte ottomans | [ SHS.HIST ] Humanities and Social Sciences/History

International audience; During the 16th century, the Ottoman Province of Egypt and its dependencies (Yemen, Hedjaz and Habash) formed a monetary area, distinctively different from other parts of the Ottoman Empire. After a severe crisis, its monetary system recovered st... View more
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