Assessing the status of biological control as a management tool for suppression of invasive alien plants in South Africa

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Zachariades, Costas; Paterson, Iain D.; Strathie, Lorraine W.; Hill, Martin P.; van Wilgen, Brian W.;
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  • Journal: Bothalia: African Biodiversity & Conservation (issn: 0006-8241, eissn: 2311-9284)
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  • Subject: QH1-199.5 | Invasive Alien Plants | General. Including nature conservation, geographical distribution | South Africa | Biological control | Weeds | National Strategy

Background: Biological control of invasive alien plants (IAPs) using introduced natural enemies contributes significantly to sustained, cost-effective management of natural resources in South Africa. The status of, and prospects for, biological control is therefore inte... View more
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