Synthèse d'hybrides polymère-polymère par la polymérisation en miniémulsion et la caractérisation des latex hybrides

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Udagama, Ravindra;
  • Publisher: HAL CCSD
  • Subject: Monomères acryliques | Alkyd | Acrylic monomers | [SDV.AEN]Life Sciences [q-bio]/Food and Nutrition | Hybrides polymère-polymère | Alkyde | Hybrid latex | Aqueous dispersions | Polymer-polymer hybrids | Dispersions aqueuses | Polyuréthane | Latex hybride | Miniémulsion

The objectives of work presented in this thesis are to understand droplet and particle formulation processes in order to make useful polymer-polymer hybrids in aqueous dispersions and use our fundamental understanding of these processes to: 1. Improve monomer conversion... View more
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