Stress Testing of Transactional Database Systems

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Meira , Jorge Augusto; Cunha De Almeida , Eduardo; Sunyé , Gerson; Le Traon , Yves; Valduriez , Patrick;
  • Publisher: Brazilian Computer Society
  • Journal: Journal of Information and Data Management (issn: 2178-7107, eissn: 2178-7107)
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  • Subject: Database | [ INFO.INFO-DB ] Computer Science [cs]/Databases [cs.DB] | Stress Testing | Testing Methodology | Stress Testing, Database, Testing Methodology, Transaction | Transaction

International audience; Transactional database management systems (DBMS) have been successful at supporting traditional transaction processing workloads. However, web-based applications that tend to generate huge numbers of concurrent business operations are pushing DBM... View more
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