Structural Dependence of the Molecular Mobility in the Amorphous Fractions of Polylactide

Article, Preprint English OPEN
Delpouve, Nicolas; Delbreilh, Laurent; Stoclet, Grégory; Saiter, Allisson; Dargent, Eric;
  • Publisher: American Chemical Society
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1021/ma500839p
  • Subject: Drawn Polylactide | CRR | Cooperativity | Crystallization | [PHYS.COND.CM-SCM]Physics [physics]/Condensed Matter [cond-mat]/Soft Condensed Matter [cond-mat.soft] | [ PHYS.COND.CM-SCM ] Physics [physics]/Condensed Matter [cond-mat]/Soft Condensed Matter [cond-mat.soft] | Amorphous phase | Fragility | Condensed Matter - Soft Condensed Matter | Heterogeneity

International audience; Fragility index and cooperativity length characterizing the molecular mobility in the amorphous phase are for the first time calculated in drawn polylactide (PLA). The microstructure of the samples is investigated from wide-angle X-ray scattering... View more