Sustainable food consumption in China and India

Research, Preprint English OPEN
von Meyer-Höfer, Marie; Juarez Tijerino, Andrea Maria; Spiller, Achim;
  • Publisher: Göttingen: Universität Göttingen, Research Training Group (RTG) 1666 - GlobalFood
  • Subject: Q13 | China | Q19 | Q18 | consumer behaviour | sustainable food consumption | partial least squares | India | sustainable food consumption, consumer behaviour, partial least squares, China, India, Food Consumption/Nutrition/Food Safety, Institutional and Behavioral Economics, Marketing, Q 13, Q18, Q19,
    • ddc: ddc:330

This study examines sustainable food consumption in China and India, based on online consumer survey data. It explores which factors influence sustainable food consumption in these countries, based upon a model related to the Theory of Planned Behaviour. Structural equa... View more
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