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Effects of Clown Doctors on child and caregiver anxiety at the entrance to the surgery care unit and separation from caregivers

Arriaga, Patrícia; Pacheco, Catarina;
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  • Published: 01 Apr 2016 Journal: International Journal of Emotional Education (issn: 2073-7629, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Centre for Resilience & Socio-Emotional Health
This study investigated the effects of hospital Clown Doctors intervention on child and caregiver preoperative anxiety at the entrance to the surgery care unit and separation from caregivers. A total of 88 children (aged 4-12 years) were assigned to one of the following two groups: Clown Doctors intervention or control group (standard care). Independent observational records using the modified Yale Preoperative Anxiety Scale instrument assessed children’s anxiety, while the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory measured caregiver’s state anxiety. In addition, caregivers assessed the children’s functional health problems by completing the Functional Status Questionnaire....
Medical Subject Headings: education
free text keywords: hospital clowning, pediatric surgery; preoperative anxiety, functional health status, Special aspects of education, LC8-6691, Pediatric surgery, Preoperative anxiety, Caregivers, Children -- Surgery, Preoperative care, Hospitals, Physicians
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41 references, page 1 of 3
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