Predicting population-level risk effects of predation from the responses of individuals

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Macleod, Colin D.; Macleod, Ross; Learmonth, Jennifer A.; Cresswell, Will; Pierce, G.J.;
  • Publisher: Ecological Society of America
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1890/13-1795.1
  • Subject: Sandeel; Ammodytes marinus | BDC | indirect effects | nonconsumptive effects | mass-dependent predation risk | Phocoena phocoena | Bottlenose dolphin; Tursiops truncates | starvation– predation risk trade-off | sandeel | individual-based theory | QH301 Biology | nonlethal predator effects | harbor porpoise | Starvation-predation risk trade-off | Scotland | lethal porpoise–dolphin interactions | Lethal porpoise-dolphin interactons | QH301 | Ammodytes marinus | Harbor porpoise; Phocoena phocoena | Tursiops truncates | bottlenose dolphin

This work formed part of the EU‐funded BIOCET project (Bioaccumulation of persistent organic pollutants in small cetaceans in European waters: transport pathways and impact on reproduction, EVK3‐2000‐00027). The UK marine mammal strandings program, funded by DEFRA as pa... View more
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