Topical administration of adrenergic receptor pharmaceutics and nerve growth factor

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Steinle, Jena;
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  • Journal: Clinical Ophthalmology, volume 4, pages 605-610 (issn: 1177-5467, eissn: 1177-5483)
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  • Subject: Clinical Ophthalmology | RE1-994 | cornea | glaucoma | α-adrenergic receptor agents | NGF | retina | Review | β-adrenergic receptor agents | Ophthalmology
    mesheuropmc: genetic structures | sense organs | eye diseases | nervous system

Jena J SteinleDepartments of Ophthalmology and Anatomy and Neurobiology, Hamilton Eye Institute, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, TN 38163, USAAbstract: Topical application of nerve growth factor (NGF) and adrenergic receptor pharmaceutics are cur... View more
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