Systèmes de mémoire et distorsions mnésiques : approches neuropsychologique et neurophysiologique

Doctoral thesis French OPEN
La Corte, Valentina;
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  • Subject: Episodic Memory | Alzheimer's disease | Memory Distorsions | [SCCO.NEUR]Cognitive science/Neuroscience | Consciousness | Conscience | [ SCCO.NEUR ] Cognitive science/Neuroscience | Mémoire Episodique | Distorsions Mnésiques | Maladie d'Alzheimer | Mémoire Sémantique | Semantic Memory

The relationship between episodic memory (EM) and semantic memory (SM) encompasses a major interest for understanding the functional architecture of the long-term memory and the mechanisms underlying the different types of memory deficits. Our main objective was to stud... View more
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