Selecting and training opinion leaders and best practice collaborators: experience from the Canadian Chiropractic Guideline Initiative

Other literature type, Article English OPEN
Bussières, André E. ; Maiers, Michele ; Grondin, Diane ; Brockhusen, Simon (2017)
  • Publisher: Canadian Chiropractic Association
  • Subject: Selection | Chiropractic | Survey | Change agents | Training | Opinion leaders | Articles

<p>Objectives: To describe the process for selecting and training chiropractic opinion leaders (OLs) and best practice collaborators (BPCs) to increase the uptake of best practice. Methods: In Phase 1, OLs were identified using a cross-sectional survey among Canadian chiropractic stakeholders. A 10-member committee ranked nominees. Top-ranked nominees were invited to a training workshop. In Phase 2, a national e-survey was administered to 7200 Canadian chiropractors to identify additional OLs and BPCs. Recommended names were screened by OLs and final selection made by consensus. Webinars were utilized to train BPCs to engage peers in best practices, and facilitate guideline dissemination. Results: In Phase 1, 21 OLs were selected from 80 nominees. Sixteen attended a training workshop. In Phase 2, 486 chiropractors recommended 1126 potential BPCs, of which 133 were invited to participate and 112 accepted. Conclusions: OLs and BPCs were identified across Canada to enhance the uptake of research among chiropractors.</p>
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