Les mots du jazz. Retour(s) sur Le Jazz, d'André Schaeffner et André Coeuroy

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Roueff , Olivier;
  • Publisher: Éditions de l'EHESS
  • Subject: André Schaeffner | [ SHS.SOCIO ] Humanities and Social Sciences/Sociology | [ SHS.INFO ] Humanities and Social Sciences/Library and information sciences | Invention des traditions | [ SHS.ANTHRO-SE ] Humanities and Social Sciences/Social Anthropology and ethnology | Objectivation | [ SHS.STAT ] Humanities and Social Sciences/Methods and statistics | Jazz et anthropologie | [ SHS.HIST ] Humanities and Social Sciences/History | Histoire de l'anthropologie | [ SHS.MUSIQ ] Humanities and Social Sciences/Musicology and performing arts | [ SHS.SCIPO ] Humanities and Social Sciences/Political science

International audience; Le Jazz by André Schaeffner and André Cœuroy (1926), the first learned analysis of jazz, signaled an important phase in the reinvention of this music in France, since, through the debates it sparked at the time, it helped change jazz’s identity f... View more
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