Length-weight relationships of coral reef fishes from the Alacran Reef, Yucatan, Mexico

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Gonzalez-Gandara, C. ; Perez-Diaz, E. ; Santos-Rodriguez, L. ; Arias-Gonzalez, J.E. (2003)
  • Journal: Naga, volume 26, issue 1, pages 14-16
  • Subject: Length-weight relationships, Reef fish, Mexico, Alacran Reef, | Fisheries
    • jel: jel:Q00

Length-weight relationships were computed for 42 species of coral reef fishes from 14 families from the Alacran Reef (Yucatan, Mexico). A total of 1 892 individuals was used for this purpose. The fish species were caught by different fishing techniques such as fishhooks, harpoons, gill and trawl nets. The sampling period was from March 1998 to January 2000.
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