Implications of Self-Potential Distribution for Groundwater Flow System in a Nonvolcanic Mountain Slope

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Goto, Tada-nori; Kondo, Kazuya; Ito, Rina; Esaki, Keisuke; Oouchi, Yasuo; Abe, Yutaka; Tsujimura, Maki;
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  • Journal: International Journal of Geophysics,volume 2,012 (issn: 1687-885X)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1155/2012/640250
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Self-potential (SP) measurements were conducted at Mt. Tsukuba, Japan, which is a nonvolcanic mountain, to infer groundwater flow system in the mountain. Survey routes were set around the northern slope, and the reliability of observed SP anomaly was checked by using SP... View more
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