A defect in the CLIP1 gene (CLIP-170) can cause autosomal recessive intellectual disability

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Larti, Farzaneh ; Kahrizi, Kimia ; Musante, Luciana ; Hu, Hao ; Papari, Elahe ; Fattahi, Zohreh ; Bazazzadegan, Niloofar ; Liu, Zhe ; Banan, Mehdi ; Garshasbi, Masoud ; Wienker, Thomas F ; Hilger Ropers, H ; Galjart, Niels ; Najmabadi, Hossein (2015)

In the context of a comprehensive research project, investigating novel autosomal recessive intellectual disability (ARID) genes, linkage analysis based on autozygosity mapping helped identify an intellectual disability locus on Chr.12q24, in an Iranian family (LOD scor... View more
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