Estimates of Trade-Related Adjustment Costs in Syria

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Lim, Jamus Jerome; Saborowski, Christian;
  • Subject: Foreign Exchange Policy O240 | Trade Policy,Debt Markets,Free Trade,International Trade and Trade Rules,Economic Theory&Research | Trade Policy [Development Planning and Policy] | Trade policy; trade adjustment costs; tariff reform; Syria | International Trade Organizations F130 | Role of International Organizations O190 | International Linkages to Development | Country and Industry Studies of Trade F140 | Factor Movement | Trade Policy
    • jel: jel:O24 | jel:F14 | jel:P33 | jel:O53

The scope and complexity of international trading arrangements in the Middle East, as well as their spotty historical record of success, underscore the urgent need for an adequate understanding of the relative costs and benefits of participation in preferential trading ... View more
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