Comparison of Individual Performance in Intelligence Tests WAIS III and RPM (Raven's Progressive Matrices)

Doctoral thesis, Master thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Petrů, Vít (2017)
  • Subject: inteligence Wechslerova inteligenční škála Ravenovy progresivní matice | Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices; Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices; Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale; inteligence; Ravenovy standardní progresivní matice; intelligence; Wechslerova inteligenční škála pro dospělé; Progresivní matice pro pokročilé

This thesis deals with replacement of performative scale of Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (3rd revision) through Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices and Advanced Progressive Matrices. In the theoretical part introduces the concepts of intelligence, approaches to its exploration and intelligence tests. The theoretical part is also devoted to the description of the used methods and presents an overview of the research on a similar theme as this work. In the empirical part of the thesis is processed data collected from 50 probands who underwent testing of the above tests. Data were processed by correlation and factor analysis. Conclusions of statistical processing are further developed in the empirical part. Discussion focuses on the reflection of the individual parts of the research, possibilities for future research and analysis of the limitations of this work Keywords: intelligence, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices, Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices
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