Design of Boiler Welding for Improvement of Lifetime and Cost Control

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Thong-On, Atcharawadi; Boonruang, Chatdanai;
  • Publisher: MDPI
  • Journal: Materials,volume 9,issue 11 (issn: 1996-1944, eissn: 1996-1944)
  • Related identifiers: pmc: PMC5457219, doi: 10.3390/ma9110891
  • Subject: QC120-168.85 | welding | Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General) | XPS (X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy) | Technology | structure evolution | Article | Fe-2.25Cr-1Mo | TA1-2040 | T | boiler | Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering | TK1-9971 | potentiodynamic polarization | Microscopy | QH201-278.5 | Descriptive and experimental mechanics

Fe-2.25Cr-1Mo a widely used material for headers and steam tubes of boilers. Welding of steam tube to header is required for production of boiler. Heat affected zone of the weld can have poor mechanical properties and poor corrosion behavior leading to weld failure. The... View more
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