Probabilistic Bandwidth Assignment in Wireless Sensor Networks

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Khan , Dawood ; Nefzi , Bilel ; Santinelli , Luca ; Song , Ye-Qiong (2012)
  • Publisher: Springer
  • Subject: Bandwidth allocation | [ INFO.INFO-NI ] Computer Science [cs]/Networking and Internet Architecture [cs.NI] | probabilistic guarantee | Wireless Sensor Network | Quality of service

International audience; With this paper we offer an insight in designing and analyzing wireless sensor networks in a versatile manner. Our framework applies probabilistic and component-based design principles for the wireless sensor network modeling and consequently analysis; while maintaining flexibility and accuracy. In particular, we address the problem of allocating and reconfiguring the available bandwidth. The framework has been successfully implemented in IEEE 802.15.4 using an Admission Control Manager (ACM); which is a module of the MAC layer that guarantees that the nodes respect their probabilistic bandwidth assignment as well as the bandwidth assignment policy applied. The proposed framework also aims to accurately analyze the behaviors of communication protocols for energy-consumption and reliability purposes. We evaluate the probabilistic bandwidth assignment methods using CSMA/CA access protocol of IEEE 802.15.4. Furthermore, we analyze the behavior of the ACM and compare the performance of the network with and without using the ACM against the original standard. The simulation results show that the use of ACM increases the overall performance of the network.
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