Learning Environment Facilitating Educational Achievements of Teenagers

Doctoral thesis Latvian OPEN
Šūmane, Ilze (2012)
  • Publisher: Latvijas Universitāte
  • Subject: School Pedagogy | Izglītība, pedagoģija un sports | Skolas pedagoģija | Pedagoģija
    acm: ComputingMilieux_COMPUTERSANDEDUCATION

ABSTRACT. The doctoral thesis of Ilze Šūmane in pedagogy science, school pedagogy sub-discipline ”Learning environment facilitating educational achievements of teenagers” was worked out in the Department of Pedagogy, Faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology and Arts, University of Latvia, under the supervision of Dr.paed., professor Rudīte Andersone from2001 till 2011. The topicality of the research determined by the necessity to improve quality learning and education. During an effective study process the learning environment is of particular importance, therefore, it is important to find out the formation of the learning environment where students have an opportunity to design their knowledge, develop competencies actively. The learning environment contributing to the teenager learning outcomes consists of three components of the learning environment - physical environment, social environment and information environment. The research is aimed at exploration of the learning environment for facilitation of educational achievements of teenagers and development of a pattern and criteria for the learning environment facilitating educational achievements of teenagers. The doctoral thesis answers the question - what learning environment contributes to Latvian language subject learning achievements of teenagers in the elementary school? During the research also definition of the learning environment was elaborated, empirical study in schools of Latvia was conducted, and recommendations for improvement of the learning environment were developed. Key words: learning environment, physical environment, social environment, information environment, learning achievements.
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