Problem solving teaching practices: Observer and teacher's view

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Felmer, Patricio; Perdomo-Díaz, Josefa; Giaconi, Valentina; Espinoza, Carmen,;
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  • Subject: [ MATH.MATH-HO ] Mathematics [math]/History and Overview [math.HO] | [MATH.MATH-HO]Mathematics [math]/History and Overview [math.HO] | self-reported teaching practices | Problem solving | [SHS.EDU]Humanities and Social Sciences/Education | [ SHS.EDU ] Humanities and Social Sciences/Education | observed teaching practices
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International audience; In this article, we report on an exploratory study on teaching practices related to problem solving of a group of 29 novel secondary mathematics teachers. For this purpose, two independent instruments were designed, the first one is based on less... View more
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