Genome-Wide Association Studies of Serum Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium Concentrations Identify Six Loci Influencing Serum Magnesium Levels

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Tamra E Meyer; Germaine C Verwoert; Shih-Jen Hwang; Nicole L Glazer; Albert V Smith; Frank J A van Rooij; Georg B Ehret; Eric Boerwinkle; Janine F Felix; Tennille S Leak; Tamara B Harris; Qiong Yang; Abbas Dehghan; Thor Aspelund; Ronit Katz; Georg Homuth; Thomas Kocher; Rainer Rettig; Janina S Ried; Christian Gieger; Hanna Prucha; Arne Pfeufer; Thomas Meitinger; Josef Coresh; Albert Hofman; Mark J Sarnak; Yii-Der Ida Chen; André G Uitterlinden; Aravinda Chakravarti; Bruce M Psaty; ... view all 39 authors

Magnesium, potassium, and sodium, cations commonly measured in serum, are involved in many physiological processes including energy metabolism, nerve and muscle function, signal transduction, and fluid and blood pressure regulation. To evaluate the contribution of commo... View more