The opportunities and challenges for ICT in science education

Unknown, Article Slovenian OPEN
Ferk Savec, Vesna (2017)
  • Publisher: Helsinki: Valtakunnallinen LUMA-keskus
  • Subject: science teachers | naravoslovna vzgoja in izobraževanje
    acm: ComputingMilieux_COMPUTERSANDEDUCATION

This article examines the opportunities and challenges for the use of ICT in science education in the light of science teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK). Some of the variables that have been studied with regard to the TPACK fra mework in science classrooms (such as teachers’ self - efficacy, gender, teaching experience, teachers’ beliefs, etc.) are reviewed, and variations of the TPACK framework specific for science education are expounded upon. In the conclusion, some of the aspec ts of TPACK in science education that need to be addressed in future are indicated, including the development of subject specific ICT - based resources and e - learning platforms; training to develop science teachers’ integrated skills for the implementation o f ICT in their subject teaching; the importance of the continuous encouraging of science teachers’ for their participation in in - service training related to the use of ICT; and the examination of the role of science teachers’ TPACK in the developing of st udents’ 21st century trans - disciplinary skills.
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