Improvement the value of sodium void reactivity effect of the fast neutron reactor by the instrumentality of the Monte Carlo code

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Maslov, P.A.; Matveev, V.I.; Malysheva, I.V.;
  • Publisher: National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI)
  • Journal: Nuclear Energy and Technology,volume 1,issue 4,pages304-307 (issn: 2452-3038)
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1016/j.nucet.2016.02.020
  • Subject: Nuclear engineering. Atomic power | Fast reactor | Transient | Maximal burnup | Safety | Sodium void reactivity effect | MOX fuel | Nitride fuel | TK9001-9401

To fulfill safety of fast sodium reactors in a beyond design-basis accident (BDBA) like unprotected loss of flow accident (ULOF), the sodium void reactivity effect (SVRE) should be close to zero. Its value depends on the fuel burnup – the higher burnup the higher value ... View more
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