On the Specification of Components - the JavaBeans Example

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Heisel , Maritta ; Santen , Thomas ; Souquières , Jeanine (2002)
  • Publisher: HAL CCSD
  • Subject: [ INFO.INFO-OH ] Computer Science [cs]/Other [cs.OH] | spécification | component | composants | component model | modèle de composant

Rapport interne.; We specify the JavaBean component model and concrete beans using a combination of UML class diagrams, an extension of Object-Z, and life sequence charts. We extend Object-Z by keywords that allow one to concisely describe the interface of a bean by an Object-Z class specification. The component model specification provides specification templates consisting of class diagrams, Object-Z fragments, and life sequence charts that precisely capture the functional behavior of beans in general, including the interaction of beans that cooperate in a system. The new keywords used for specifying concrete beans translate to instances of the component model specification templates, showing that our extension of Object-Z is syntactical sugar only.
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