First Results from the Herschel and ALMA Spectroscopic Surveys of the SMC: The Relationship between [C ii ]-bright Gas and CO-bright Gas at Low Metallicity

Article, Preprint English OPEN
Jameson, KE; Bolatto, AD; Wolfire, M; Warren, SR; Herrera-Camus, R; Croxall, K; Pellegrini, E; Smith, J-D; Rubio, M; Indebetouw, R; Israel, FP; Meixner, M; Roman-Duval, J; van Loon, JT; Muller, E; Verdugo, C; Zinnecker, H; Okada, Y;

The Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC) provides the only laboratory to study the structure of molecular gas at high resolution and low metallicity. We present results from the Herschel Spectroscopic Survey of the SMC (HS$^{3}$), which mapped the key far-IR cooling lines [CII]... View more
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