Exploring Innovative Solutions for Quality of Life and Care of Bed-Ridden Nursing Home Residents through Codesign Sessions

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J. van Hoof; M. H. Wetzels; A. M. C. Dooremalen; R. A. Overdiep; M. E. Nieboer; A. M. E. Eyck; P. J. L. M. van Gorkom; E. L. M. Zwerts-Verhelst; S. Aarts; C. Vissers-Luijcks; C. S. van der Voort; M. J. G. A. Moonen; H. A. van de Vrande; C. J. M. L. van Dijck-Heinen; E. J. M. Wouters;

Bed-ridden nursing home residents are in need of environments which are homelike and facilitate the provision of care. Design guidance for this group of older people is limited. This study concerned the exploration and generation of innovative environmental enrichment s... View more
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