Water Quality Index Assessment of Pogradec Water- Supply, in Albania

Article Turkish OPEN
, P. Icka ; , R. Damo (2012)
  • Publisher: Journal Of International Environmental Application And Science
  • Journal: Journal Of International Environmental Application And Science (issn: 1307-0428, eissn: 1307-0428)
  • Subject: health quality, physic-chemical parameters, turbidity, water quality index

In this paper is applied for the first time in Albania Water Quality Index (WQI) of the Canadian Council of Ministries of the Environment (CCME) for assessment of water quality of water supply network on Pogradec city. CCME WQI, a technique of rating water quality, is an effective tool to assess spatial and temporal changes on the quality of any water body. Calculations of the index are based on a combination of three factors: scope - the number of variables whose objectives are not met; frequency — the frequency with which the objectives are not met, and the amplitude — the amount by which the objectives are not met. The squares of these values followed by the square root of the Şnal value divided by 1.732 produces a value from 0 to 100. The CCME WQI a value of 100 is the best possible index score and a value of 0 is the worst possible. Calculations show that index of water quality for the Pogradec water supply system is ranked “good”, and the turbidity is main problem in water quality
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