Economic determinants of sport participation in Poland

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Pawel Strawinski (2011)
  • Journal: Rivista di Diritto ed Economia dello Sport, volume 6, issue 3 Febbraio, pages 55-76
  • Subject: sport participation, sport expenditure, household, income, education
    • jel: jel:I0 | jel:L83 | jel:D19
    mesheuropmc: human activities

The article presents statistical description of economic factors that determine sport participation in Poland. Utilising data from 2008 Sport Participation Survey the biprobit model that takes into account the dependency between individuals and household attitude to sport participation is estimated. Sport participation is found to slightly decline with age of a person, on the other hand, education is found to be positively related to sport participation. The idiosyncratic factor of sport participation in Poland is the influence of children; they seem to encourage their relatives to partake in physical activity. Additionally, both the income level of a household and a personal income of a person have an influence on sport participation.
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