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Gavriletea Marius (2008)
  • Subject: ethics, insurance, profesionalism, competition, insurance agent
    • jel: jel:G22

The present paper debates the main aspects related to ethics, into an industry that recorded exponential growth in Romania insurance field. A very important role for a good business is enhanced by the ethics. The specialists appreciate that ethics represent a key factor for business success. Obviously, the insurance field into a competition market must follow all the aspects related to ethics. The ethics should be an essential element of every insurance company management. If we talk about ethics in insurance we must mention all the generated relations between the insurance company and persons/companies/ organizations that it comes into contact. We also will analyze how the distribution channels follow the ethics principles. The principles that should guide the activity of an insurance agent in the moment he presents an insurance policy are honesty, respect towards other persons or property. Even if these principles seem to be just a theory, the usage of them in the daily activity represents premise of business success. The insurance companies that will use practically the ethics principles will have important benefits in the future, regarding their cota shre in the insurance field, but also towards theirs perception for society.
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