Biodétérioration d'une matrice cimentaire par des champignons : Mise au point d'un test accéléré de laboratoire

Doctoral thesis French OPEN
Wiktor , Virginie;
  • Publisher: HAL CCSD
  • Subject: Fungi | Vieillissement accéléré | Champignons | Test accéléré de<br />laboratoire | [SPI]Engineering Sciences [physics] | Biodeterioration | [ SPI ] Engineering Sciences [physics] | Matrice cimentaire | Accelerated weathering | Cementitious matrix | Accelerated laboratory test

229 pages; Micro-organisms (bacteria, cyanobacteria, fungi, algae) can grow on building materials. They are liable to degrade materials properties: from an alteration of aesthetic aspect to a reduction of its service life. Biodeterioration is associated to chemical, phy... View more
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