The economic impact of climate change on food security in Malaysia

Unknown, Preprint OPEN
Chuen Khee, Pek ; Yet Mee, Lim ; Chee Keong, Choong (2011)
  • Subject: N5 - Agriculture, Natural Resources, Environment, and Extractive Industries | willingness-to-pay, climate change, food security, contingent valuation
    • jel: jel:N5

This study estimates the economic impact of climate change on food security in Malaysia. The contingent valuation technique is employed on 456 randomly selected households in the vicinities of Selangor Darul Ehsan. The study finds that climate change mitigation programmes to ensure food security are important. The public is willing to pay extra rice price in substitution of a rice subsidy reduction impact for the mitigation programmes. More specifically, the study ascertains that households on average are willing to pay 25% more for rice in replace of the subsidy reduction impact. This value conveys a total economic value of MYR557 million per annum, based on the total annual rice consumption of Malaysians who are willing to pay for the rice subsidy reduction impact. This substantial value may help give directions to the policy makers to draft more responsible food security and climate change mitigation bills in the future.
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