Sensor Fusion for Semantic Place Labeling

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Roor, Roman; Hess, Jonas; Saveriano, Matteo; Karg, Michael; Kirsch, Alexandra;
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  • Subject: [INFO.INFO-MC]Computer Science [cs]/Mobile Computing | [ INFO.INFO-MC ] Computer Science [cs]/Mobile Computing | Smartphone | [INFO.INFO-AI]Computer Science [cs]/Artificial Intelligence [cs.AI] | Sensor Fusion | GPS | Classification | Machine Learning | Feature Extraction | Context | [ INFO.INFO-AI ] Computer Science [cs]/Artificial Intelligence [cs.AI] | V2V | Autonomous Driving Vehicles | V2X | Semantic Place Labeling

International audience; In order to share knowledge about road situations vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication is used. Autonomous driving vehicles are able to drive and park themself without driver interactions or presence, but are still inefficient about the drivers... View more
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