Mise en évidence d'une relation entre la protéine Damaged DNA-Binding 2 et le facteur de transcription NF-kB : conséquences sur les capacités migratrices et invasives des tumeurs mammaires

Doctoral thesis French OPEN
Ennen , Marie;
  • Publisher: HAL CCSD
  • Subject: Cancer -- Caractère envahissant | Facteur de transcription NF-?B | Régulation génétique | NF-kB | Sein -- Cancer-Aspect moléculaire | [ SDV.BC.IC ] Life Sciences [q-bio]/Cellular Biology/Cell Behavior [q-bio.CB] | ADN -- Réparation | Invasion | Superoxyde dismutase à manganèse | Superoxyde dismutase | Migration | [ SDV.MHEP ] Life Sciences [q-bio]/Human health and pathology | DDB2 | Cancer du sein | Régulation génique

The Damaged DNA-Binding 2 protein (DDB2) is known to play a role in repair of UV-induced DNA damages. However, the laboratory has shown that this protein is overexpressed in nonmetastatic breast tumor cells and stimulates their proliferation by favouring their entry in ... View more
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