Modélisation tridimensionnelle Automate Cellulaire - Éléments Finis (CAFE) pour la simulation du développement des structures de grains dans les procédés de soudage GTAW / GMAW

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Chen , Shijia;
  • Publisher: HAL CCSD
  • Subject: Soudage | Welding | Grain structures | Epitaxial growth | Modélisation 3D CAFE | Solidification | 3D CAFE modeling | Croissance épitaxiale | Gtaw / gmaw | [ SPI.MAT ] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Materials | Structure de grains

Grain structure formation during fusion welding processes has a significant impact on the mechanical strength of the joint. Defects such as hot cracking are also linked to the crystallographic texture formed during the solidification step. Direct simulation of three-dim... View more
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