Does birth spacing affect personality?

Article, Research English OPEN
Golsteyn, Bart H.H.; Magnée, Cécile A. J.;
  • Publisher: Bonn: Institute of Labor Economics (IZA)
  • Subject: j12 - "Marriage; Marital Dissolution; Family Structure; Domestic Abuse" | Family structure | Birth spacing | 2 International | J12 | 6 Data source | Personality traits | j24 - "Human Capital; Skills; Occupational Choice; Labor Productivity" | J13 | J24 | j13 - "Fertility; Family Planning; Child Care; Children; Youth"
    • ddc: ddc:330

This paper studies the causal effect of birth spacing (i.e., the age difference between siblings) on personality traits. We use longitudinal data from a large British cohort which has been followed from birth until age 42. Following earlier studies, we employ miscarriag... View more
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